A Blessingway, or Birthingway, is a celebration, a moment of respect, a time when the birth-giver and their supporting community come together to honor birth as a rite of passage. It is a sacred, person-centered time intended to admire, revere, and affirm the birth-giver in preparation for the dance of birth.

Cultures across time and spanning the globe hold space for important moments of transition and share common themes such as communal acknowledgement and preparation for the journey ahead; it is sanctified time to share wisdom and light with the person[s] in transition.

My choice to provide Blessingway services honors my theological and spiritual education, as well as my passion to fully affirm all birth-givers in their journey to birthing new life and beauty on this Earth.

Facilitation and movement of ceremony is my role within a Blessingway; it is not dissimilar to my role as a doula. My commitment is to hold space for the intimate to unfold in a smooth, organic, and undistracted way. I will work with organizing persons who know the birth-giver in order to personalize the blessed occasion.

In the spirit of community, I am honored to partner with several Birmingham-based practitioners of health, healing, and the arts.

Ideas for Blessingways include but are never limited to:

  • Belly Casting
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Group Singing
  • Circle Blessing with Yarn
  • Beaded Birthing Necklaces
  • Lighting Candles
  • Intoning with Singing Bowls
  • Prayers and Words of Affirmation
  • Laying-on of Hands
  • Footbathing
  • Food & Libations
  • Henna
  • Dance-for-Birth
  • Flower Crowning
  • Offerings for the New Life

My fee for Blessingway services is $200.

This fee allows me to be wholly present before the ceremony in order to organize, offer advice, and help in the planning details and during the ceremony in order to aid the movement and facilitate the spiritual moments of the gathering.